Your window to the turkey world brought to you by the British Poultry Council. We are busy behind the scenes adding useful guides and recipes here.

In the coming weeks you can expect to find a selection of Christmas recipes added to this website, including what you can do with your leftovers! With plenty more useful content to come in the New Year, including 100s of Turkey recipes.

To help with your Turkey roast, scroll down to find our Cooking Calculators to give you our accurate, officially approved, times and details.

Countdown to Christmas








Turkey Cooking Calculators

Below you can easily work out, how large a turkey you need for the amount of people you are serving. You can also calculate how much time you need to allow it to defrost the turkey you have by simply popping your bird’s weight, in kilo’s, into the defrosting area. And finally the crucial time you need to cook your whole turkey, crown or joint thanks to our great roasting time calculator below. 



Enter the number of servings you require to show the weight you should be looking for below and press ‘CALCULATE’.

You will need a bird or joint of approximately:


Defrosting Times

This time is calculated with the turkey being stored in a cool room around 17.5°C.

To thaw fully in a cool room (17.5°c), your whole bird or joint will take approximately:


Roasting Times

Work out your turkey cooking time by simply entering the weight of your turkey in kilo’s, including stuffing, below.

Roasting at 180°C (Fan) / 375°F / Gas Mark 5 your whole bird, or joint, will approximately take:

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